Doctor Who: Assassin in the Limelight

Ford’s Theatre, Washington. Friday, 14th April, 1865. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
The place, the date and the event which made history. Or did it? Someone has been tampering with time, muddying the waters of history for his own purposes. Time itself is out of joint and the chief culprit is the enigmatic Doctor Knox.
Somehow the Doctor and Evelyn must put history back on track before the future dissolves into chaos. But Knox, it turns out, may be the least of their worries…

Written by Robert Ross and directed by Barnaby Edwards, this is another fine adventure for Colin Baker’s Doctor along with Maggie Stables as Evelyn Smythe.

Guest star Leslie Phillips reprises the role of Dr Robert Knox whom he first played Medicinal Purposes (which also features David Tennant).

Assassin in the Limelight can be purchased here: 

Medicinal Purposes can be purchased here:


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