Doctor Who: The Death Collectors

A virulent disease that killed millions. A missing scientist. An ancient race of salvagers who collect and preserve the dead. The quarantined planet Antikon connects them all.

When the Doctor arrives on a sky station above Antikon, a single accident has already set in motion a chain of events that will mean the death of every living thing.

And the only way he can stop it is to die. Again.

Includes bonus 1 part story – Spider’s Shadow:

It is the eve of battle and the Martial Princesses Louise and Alison are hosting a royal ball.  But there are unwelcome visitors in the garden and a sequence of events spiralling out of control.  And what’s more, the Doctor doesn’t even remember arriving.

Written by Stewart Sheargold and directed by Ken Bently these two stories feature the seventh Doctor travelling alone.

The Death Collectors is a type of story I have a particular fondness for: the Doctor and a motley group of humans are trapped by an alien is a confined area such as a space ship or space station. The ending sent a chill down my spine.

I am still in two minds about one part adventures such as Spider’s Shadow. Some work as vignettes featuring the Doctor whilst others seem to be edited down from longer versions.

The Death Collectors can be purchased from here:


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