Doctor Who: The Doomwood Curse

Curses and tombs, revenge from beyond the grave – and Dick Turpin!

England, 1738. On the trail of a lost book, the Doctor and Charley arrive at the beautiful country estate of Sir Ralph and Lady Sybil. But all is far from idyllic. There’s a murderer on the loose, and the nearby woods are the haunt of the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin.

And that’s not all. Something else has journeyed here. Something that could destroy the very fabric of reality. The Doctor and Charley have just forty-eight hours to solve the mystery before the whole world succumbs to The Doomwood Curse.

Written By: Jacqueline Rayner
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards


Colin Baker (The Doctor), India Fisher (Charlotte Pollard), Nicky Henson (Dick Turpin), Jonathan Firth (John), Hayley Atwell (Eleanor), Trevor Cooper (Sir Ralph), Geraldine Newman (Lady Sybil), Daisy Douglas (Susan), Suzie Chard (Molly)

Produced by Big Finish.


Doctor Who: The Boy That Time Forgot

A lost world. A prehistoric civilization. A dark secret.

The Doctor and Nyssa find themselves transported from Victorian London back to the dawn of time, accompanied by debonair adventurer Rupert Von Thal and no-nonsense novelist Beatrice Mapp. Together these unlikely heroes must brave primitive jungles and battle ravening insects as they make their way to the city of the giant scorpions, ruled over by… The Boy That Time Forgot.

Written by Paul Magrs and directed by Barnaby Edwards, The Boy That Time Forgot follows on nicely from the cliffhanger at the end of The Haunting of Thomas Brewster.

This story also features the return of a character long thought dead. Now whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I do have some doubts about the resurrection of a character whose death on tv seemed to be unambiguous.

The Boy That Time Forgot can be purchased here:

Doctor Who: Here There Be Monsters

A new adventure with the First Doctor as told by his grand-daughter, Susan.

“It was a terrible sound, like someone had just stabbed the Universe and it was crying out in pain”

The distant future. The TARDIS, with the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara aboard, is drawn out of the Vortex and lands aboard the Earth Benchmarking Vessel Nevermore, where Captain Rostrum is navigating by punching holes in the very fabric of space. The Doctor is appalled by this act of vandalism, and fearful that it could unleash monsters from the dark dimensions.

As the benchmarking holes begin to fray, the fate of the universe is at stake. And while the Doctor contemplates a terrible sacrifice, Susan befriends the Nevermore’s First Mate – someone she will remember for the rest of her life…

Written by Andy Lane and directed by Lisa Bowerman, this is another enjoyable Companion Chronicle with Carole Ann Ford providing almost all of the voices. Her First Doctor is very good though not up to the standard of Peter Purves.

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