Doctor Who: The First Klein Trilogy

This is a trilogy of stories featuring the seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) along with his new companion/adversary Elizabeth Klein (played by Tracey Childs).

The three stories are A Thousand Tiny Wings, Survival of the Fittest and The Architects of History. Klein first appeared in the story Colditz and although you don’t need to have listened to this to know the full story it does provide a lot of background information.

First off, I like Klein. Not the person, of course, but what she brings to the series.

She is from an alternate timeline which the Doctor and Ace accidentally created. She is not really evil, just dedicated to preserving her version of history which the Doctor subsequently manipulated her into destroying. This wiped out her friends, family and lover.

Paul McGann, as the eighth Doctor has a small, but significant, role in Survival of the Fittest and this creates a problem; it seems that Big Finish has changed the regeneration from seven to eight and is thus ignoring the events of the 1996 movie.

That aside, this is a very good trilogy and if you haven’t heard it I suggest that you do.

I am looking for to hearing Klein’s future appearances.

The releases can be found at the following locations


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