Doctor Who: 6 and Jamie Series

This series of Big Finish releases reunites the Doctor (Colin Baker) with his former companion Jamie (Frazer Hines).

The series consists of a trilogy of full cast dramas (City of Spires, The Wreck of the Titan & Legend of the Cybermen) along with a Companion Chronicle (Night’s Black Agents) told by Frazer Hines.

The four stories flow seamlessly together; set ups in the first are resolved it the last. It’s how a series should be.

Although Jamie has featured in a number of Companion Chronicles it is good to hear him in full cast dramas. This is an older Jamie as events take place 35 years after The Highlanders.

In The War Games the Time Lords wiped Jamie’s memory of the Doctor and there are no tricks here. Jamie thinks that he is meeting the Doctor for the first time and regards the Doctor’s comments about their previous travels to be fanciful.

The revelations in the final chapter are interesting and a little sad but make sense given what has gone before.

All in all, an enthralling series which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I like the idea of companions of the first, second and third Doctors appearing in full cast dramas and I hope Big Finish pursues this idea. It would be good for the fourth as, unfortunately, the only companion he can now be featured with is Leela.

The stories can be found here:


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