Sheridan Le Fanu: Carmilla

Some months back I posted a blog about the BBC’s dramatisation of Sheridan Le Fanu’s novel Uncle Silas.

I have recently been listening to a different type of adaptation of his novella Carmilla.

Carmilla is a vampire story that was published thirty plus years before Bram Stoker’s more well known Dracula. I would argue that Carmilla is the better story.

Fans of Hammer’s fantasy films will know Carmilla as the basis for the film The Vampire Lovers and its sequels.

This version of Carmilla, from Textbook Stuff, is an enhanced audiobook. It has a single reader coupled with sound design and music.

The performance by Miriam Margolyes is superb; she provides a wide range of believable voices both male and female. There were times when I felt I was listening to a full cast dramatisation.

This feeling was furthered by atmospheric sound design and music from Howard Carter.

Barnaby Edwards’ direction was spot on.

All the participants in this production are to be commended. It is an audio I am sure that I will come back to time and again.

You can buy it at I would recommend that you do.