Doctor Who: The Romans

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1965.

This audio version was first released in 2008. It consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack (probably sourced from an off air recording) with linking narration provided by Williams Russell.

The serial was the second written by Dennis Spooner who contributed several scripts to the series including co-writing, with Terry Nation, the epic The Daleks’ Master Plan. He also served as script editor from The Rescue to The Chase.

Despite his work on Doctor Who, Spooner is probably best known for his contributions to ITV series such as Thunderbirds, The Avengers, Department S and The Champions.

The four time travellers are enjoying a rare holiday, staying at a villa not far from Rome in the year A.D. 64. The Doctor soon becomes restless and sets off to visit the city, taking Vicki with him. In their absence, Ian and Barbara are kidnapped by slave traders.

This story has adventure and comedy in almost equal measure. The main thrust of the comedy comes from the Doctor being mistaken for a lyre player who has been engaged to perform for Nero. The Doctor has to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid admitting to Nero that he cannot actually play the lyre.

This is very enjoyable story if you don’t mind a slightly lighter story from the Hartnell era.

This audio can be downloaded from here


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