Doctor Who: The Crusade

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1965. Episodes 2 and 4 are missing from the BBC archives.

This audio version was first released in 2005. It consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack (probably sourced from an off air recording) with linking narration provided by Williams Russell.

The TARDIS arrives in 12th century Palestine where a holy war is in progress between the forces of King Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen ruler Saladin. Barbara is abducted in a Saracen ambush and the Doctor, Ian and Vicki make their way to King Richard’s palace in the city of Jaffa.

The script was written by David Whitaker who wrote several stories for the series and also served as Doctor Who‘s first Script Editor.

The guest cast includes Julian Glover and Jean Marsh who went on to have illustrious careers in film and on television.

Jean Marsh would appear in The Daleks’ Masterplan as Sara Kingdom, a role she has reprised in several Big Finish productions. She also co-created Upstairs, Downstairs for ITV and The House of Elliot for the BBC; appearing as Rose in the former.

The audio can be downloaded from here


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