Doctor Who: Galaxy 4

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1965. Episodes 1, 2 and 4 are missing from the BBC archives.

This audio version was first released in 2002. It consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack with linking narration provided by Peter Purves.

The story was written by William Emms and was his only produced script for Doctor Who; further submissions to the programme were not commissioned though he did write the Target novelisation.

He went on to write for programmes such as Callan, Ace of Wands, Crown Court, The Expert, Public Eye, Z-Cars and Crossroads.

The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven Taylor arrive on an eerily silent planet and encounter curious small robots, which Vicki names Chumblies. It is unclear whether the robots are hostile, when one is disabled by a party of female, cloned Drahvins, from the planet Drahva in Galaxy 4. It is revealed that this unknown planet is also in Galaxy 4. The Drahvins are dominated by their leader, Maaga, who treats her other warriors with bullying contempt. The Drahvins are at war with the reptilian Rills, the masters of the Chumblies, and both races have crashed spaceships on this planet.

Galaxy 4 can be downloaded from here:


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