Doctor Who: The Massacre

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1966. All four episodes are missing from the BBC archives.

This audio version was first released in 1999. It consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack with linking narration provided by Peter Purves.

The story was written by John Lucarotti and Donald Tosh.

The arrival of the TARDIS in Paris, France in 1572 places its occupants, the Doctor and Steven Taylor, in a dangerous situation. Tensions between Protestants and Catholics are at fever pitch in the city –- with younger hotheads like Gaston, Viscount de Lerans, a Protestant Huguenot nobleman, and Simon Duval, a Catholic, drawn into violent confrontation in a tavern. Despite the danger, the Doctor heads off alone to visit the apothecary Charles Preslin, leaving Steven to drink alone but warning him to keep out of trouble.

As well as the Doctor, William Hartnell also takes the role of the Abbot of Amboise.

The Massacre can be downloaded from here:


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