Doctor Who: The Myth Makers

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1965. All episodes are missing from the BBC archives.

This audio version consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack with linking narration provided by Peter Purves.

The story was written by Donald Cotton and was one of two produced for the programme (the other was The Gunfighters). After the historical adventures were discontinued, Cotton submitted a further story but this was not commissioned.

After helping to create Adam Adamant Lives! Cotton concentrated on writing for the stage. He would later novelise his two Doctor Who stories for Target along with The Romans.

The Greek army has besieged the ancient walled city of Troy for 10 years. On the plains just outside Troy the Greek warrior Achilles slays the Trojan Hector, another son of King Priam, when the materialisation of the TARDIS disturbs Hector’s concentration. When the Doctor emerges from within the TARDIS, Achilles believes him to be the god Zeus disguised as an old beggar, and insists he accompany him to the Greek encampment. En route they encounter the warrior Odysseus who travels with them to the Greek camp. When they arrive, Agamemnon insists the Doctor help him against the Trojans, and will not let him depart until his aid is forthcoming. Odysseus believes the Doctor is a Trojan spy.

The Myth Makers can be downloaded here:


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