Doctor Who: The Space Museum

This Doctor Who story was first broadcast in four episodes in 1965.

This audio version was first released in 2009. It consists of a digitally remastered soundtrack with linking narration provided by Maureen O’Brien.

The Space Museum was written by Glyn Jones and was his only contribution to Doctor Who though he did novelise the story for Target.

The TARDIS arrives near a vast Space Museum on the planet Xeros, but has jumped a time-track. The Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki have a series of bizarre experiences as they venture outside and into the Museum – not least that they see but cannot be seen by the militaristic Moroks who run the museum, or the servile indigenous Xerons who work for them. The museum contains fascinating exhibits, including a Dalek shell, but the most worrying is the four travellers themselves encased and on display.

The Space Museum can be downloaded here:


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