Doctor Who: Wetworld

When the TARDIS makes a disastrous landing in the swamps of the planet Sunday, the Doctor has no choice but to abandon Martha and try to find help. But the tranquillity of the swamps is deceptive, and even the TARDIS can’t protect Martha forever.

This novel, written by Mark Michalowski, was published by BBC Books in 2007. It features the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, and his companion Martha Jones.

Mark Michalowski has written a number of Doctor Who, or Doctor Who related, novels and short stories for both BBC Books and Big Finish.

What to say about this novel? It is well written and entertaining but covers no new territory.

Beleaguered Earth colony: check.

Hideous alien monsters killing colonists: check

Misunderstood friendly aliens: check.

Two negatives (although these are common to all the New Series Adventures): the psychic paper and the over reliance on the sonic screwdriver. These may be acceptable shortcuts in a 45 minute television episode but, in my opinion, show a lack of imagination in longer forms like a novel.

All in all, this an enjoyable but routine Doctor Who novel. It’s worth a read but don’t expect anything groundbreaking.


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