Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm

The Doctor thought he had defeated the microscopic Nucleus of the Swarm in his fourth incarnation. He was wrong. It survived within the TARDIS, and now it has brought it back to Titan Base, back to the point of its own creation. It has a plan that spans centuries, a plan which will result in the Nucleus becoming more powerful – and larger – than ever before.

To defeat it, the Doctor, Ace and Hex must confront the Nucleus within its new domain – the computer-world of the Hypernet, the information network crucial to the survival of the human empire. But if the Doctor is to save the day, he has to risk everything and everyone he holds dear…
This seventh Doctor story was released by Big Finish in August 2014. It was written by Jonathan Morris and directed by Ken Bentley.

So, here we have a sequel to The Invisible Enemy, a rather insignificant tale from the 4th Doctor’s era, which has, perhaps, one saving grace: the introduction of K-9.

So far, so not good; but we can usually rely on Morris to successfully realise the most ludicrous of ideas. (Remember the space faring snail in The Shadow Heart?) Can he manage to pull it off this time?

Also, following the events of Afterlife there is the story of Hector Schofield and his relationship with the Doctor and Ace to be explored.

Morris manages to handle both sides of the story with aplomb.

This is a good story which makes the Nucleus and the Swarm interesting adversaries – much better than in their television appearance.

The new dynamic between the TARDIS crew is also well done. Hector – not Hex – has basically accepted his new identity although he will fears he will never be able to live up to Hex in Ace’s eyes.

Not quite up to Morris’s other Doctor Who story this month but still a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

Revenge of the Swarm can be purchased on CD and download from


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