Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt

On the jungle planet Garros, Earth Forces Knight Commander-in-Chief Greg Saraton and his team are hunting gigantic beasts, for sport. When the Doctor and Leela arrive, they are caught up in a web of intrigue where there is no clear friend or foe.

What is Saraton’s vital connection with Earth’s Solar System’s Defence Shield? Why are the giant reptilian birds of Garros attacking? What terrible secret lurks deep within the trees?

Before the truth can be revealed, a heavy price will be extracted and loyalties will be tested to the limit.
This Fourth Doctor story was released by Big Finish in August 2014. It was written and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

The Zygons only appeared in a single ‘classic’ story but have been popping up in spin off media ever since; they featured in several BBV non-Doctor audios, have regularly appeared in Big Finish productions (I particularly liked the twist in the 8th Doctor series), I have recently read the 10th Doctor novel Sting of the Zygons. And, of course, they returned to the screen in The Day of the Doctor.

Again, Nicholas Briggs and Big Finish manage to bring a fresh slant on the Zygons which is a distinct improvement on their appearance in The Day of the Doctor. I particularly liked the Zygon commander.

A very good story.

However, I do have one gripe: it should have come earlier in the run, The Abandoned would have made a much more fitting season finale.

Zygon Hunt can be purchased on CD or download from


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