Doctor Who: Engines of War

This novel, by George Mann, was published by BBC Books in 2014. It features the War Doctor as played by John Hurt.

During the Time War, the Doctor’s TARDIS crashes on the planet Moldox which is in a system ravaged by the Daleks.

Here, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks are rounding up humans as prisoners instead of exterminating them as usual.

Teaming up with a young Dalek killer called Cinder, he sets out to find the reason for this seemingly odd behaviour.

What he discovers is a plan that, if successful, could lead to the destruction of the Time Lords and the total domination of the universe by the Daleks.

A trip to Gallifrey shocks the Doctor to his very core and he finds himself not only having to battle the Daleks but the Time Lords as well.

George Mann has crafted a brilliant novel that chronicles the events immediately preceding those in the 50th Anniversary television episode The Day of the Doctor.

It tells how the Doctor came to his decision to deploy The Moment to bring an end to the Time War by destroying both the Time Lords and the Daleks.

This is a essential novel for all fans of Doctor Who which has references back to the Classic Series and looks forward as well.

I, for one, hope there will be more excursions into the Time War and that George Mann will be invited back to create some of them.


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