The Night of the Triffids

This drama was adapted by Simon Clark from his novel and directed by John Ainsworth. It was released by Big Finish in September 2014.

In John Wyndham’s classic bestseller The Day of the Triffids the world has been overwhelmed by killer plants. As the novel ends, Wyndham’s narrator scientist Bill Masen is escaping, with his wife and four-year-old son, to the Isle of Wight where a small colony of survivors is holding out. Simon Clark’s sequel picks up the story twenty-five years on.

The survivors are safe, for the time being at least, on their island, where they have continued efforts to combat the triffids, while also striving in various ways to build a new civilisation. Elsewhere in the world, similar colonies cling to survival, while the triffids persist in their attempts to destroy humanity.

One morning Bill Masen’s son, David, now grown up, wakes to a world plunged into darkness. Now, the triffids have an advantage over humanity.

Firstly, I have to admit that I have never read The Day of the Triffids though I have come across various radio, television and film adaptations. I didn’t even know of The Night of the Triffids until this audio version was announced.

I did think of delaying listening to this dramatisation until I got hold of the BBC radio version of Day but in the end decided to dive in.

This is an exciting and, at times, thought provoking, drama. The scenes in America are particularly chilling.

The cast, led by Sam Troughton, is impressive. There is not a bad performance throughout.

The music and sound design add to the overall production.

In all, a first class release.

It might not be possible, but I hope this is the beginning of an ongoing series.

The Night of the Triffids can be purchased on CD or download here


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