Doctor Who: Series 8 – A Few Thoughts


When Deep Breath was broadcast, I said

“An auspicious, if flawed, start. I’m hoping for improvement as the series progresses.”

Now that the series has finished were my hopes justified or were they in vain?

Into the Dalek was an interesting episode but after that the series just went downhill.

Robot of Sherwood was trite (and the last minute editing didn’t help); Listen incomprehensible. Most of the rest were entertaining but lacklustre. And what was In the Forest of the Night all about?

Series 8 was prevented from being a complete disaster by the two parter Dark Water and Death in Heaven.

I thoroughly enjoyed these two episodes but they too were flawed: the Brig becoming a Cyberman…purleese.

I liked Michelle Gomez as Missy and I’m not opposed to the idea that a Time Lord can change gender; after all, despite appearances, Time Lords are not human.

Danny Pink has to be the most nondescript recurring character that Doctor Who has come up with. Like Clara last year, he seemed to be more of a plot device than anything else.

I will watch the Christmas special but, from the clips I have seen, I am not inspired.

So what happens now?

On the whole, I like Steven Moffat as a writer but as a show runner he has been a near disaster.

Also, I feel the pressures of running Doctor Who has impacted on his writing; the stories he wrote for Russell T Davies were so much better.

In my view, Moffat should step down as show runner and just write for the show.

Given the quality of the scripts this series, any new show runner should be looking for new writers who ‘get’ Doctor Who; and he or she could do a lot worse than hire some of the writers currently working for Big Finish or on the novels.

One bright spark this year? Two words: Peter Capaldi.


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