Prosperity Island

This audio drama was released by BBV in May 1998.

“Now comes the time! Now the reckoning!”

MILLANNO: a holiday planet of extreme wealth and extreme leisure – on one side. The other side of the planet teems with politicians, administrators, and also criminals. When the Professor and Ace decide to take a holiday, they are unwillingly pitched into a battle for supremacy on the planet.

Separated and suddenly finding themselves on the lost and lonely Isle of Prosperity, they must find each other. But standing in their way is the determination of a mysterious figure from the past to reclaim the Directorship of the planet. As the Professor and Ace explore, a picture begins to emerge of a corrupt past, of political double-dealing, betrayal and vengeance.

Who is Milo, the psychokinetic youth who inhabits the island? Who is Gabriel, who sounds like a machine, but talks like a schoolmaster? And who is the earthy Calida, and why is she out for revenge?

A dramatic meeting of old enemies can no longer be postponed, and there is no way off the island…

Written by Tim Saward
Directed by Bill Baggs and Tim Saward


Sylvester McCoy (The Professor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Peter Miles (Projoy), Adam Bampton-Smith (Milo), Tim Saward (Gabriel), Dan Riley (Stephen), Polly Pritchett (Antoinette), Clare Macmillan (Calida / Gomera), Alistair Lock (Bastien)

Prosperity Island can be purchased as a CD at


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