Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death

This audio drama was broadcast by BBC Radio in 1993.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart asks the Doctor to investigate a new theme park called Space World. Together with Sarah Jane Smith and Jeremy Fitzoliver, they take in the incongruous exhibits, including virtual reality and even live alien creatures.

Written by Barry Letts
Director Phil Clarke


The Doctor — Jon Pertwee
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart — Nicholas Courtney
Sarah Jane Smith — Elisabeth Sladen
Jeremy Fitzoliver — Richard Pearce
Freeth — Harold Innocent
Tragan — Peter Miles
President — Maurice Denham
Onya — Jane Slavin
Grebber/Reporter — Brian Hall
Clorinda/Sec Gen of the UN — Jillie Meers
General Commanding Unit — John Hardwood
Odun/Patrol Leader — John Fleming
Captain Waldo Rudley — Jonathan Tafler
Greckle — Emma Myant
Rasco Heldal — Michael Onslow
Medan/Hunter — David Holt
Yallett/Officer of the day — Philip Anthony
Crestin/Bill/Radio Voice/Ambulance Man/Man – Andrew Wincott
Nobby/Kitson/Wilkins/Soldier – Dominic Letts
Echolocation Operator/Lexhan – Julian Rhind-Tutt
Kaido/Guard 2/Ungar/Custodian of Data Store/Jenhegger – Trevor Martin

The Paradise of Death can be purchased as a download at


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