The Avengers: The Lost Episodes – Volume 3

This boxset of audio dramas was released by Big Finish in January 2015.

Steed and Dr Keel return to action in these four recreations of classic lost episodes.

1: The Springers

Written by John Whitney and Geoffrey Bellman, adapted by John Dorney

Steed and Keel go undercover to try and crack a prison escape route.

2: The Yellow Needle

Written by Patrick Campbell, adapted by John Dorney

An attempt is made on the life of Sir Wilberforce Lungi, the Prime Minister of an African country on the verge of independence, and Steed and Keel attempt to expose his enemies.

3: Double Danger

Written by Gerald Verner, adapted by John Dorney

A dangerous attempt to discover a cache of stolen diamonds goes badly wrong, and Keel is captured by a criminal gang.

4: Toy Trap

Written by Bill Strutton, adapted by John Dorney

Keel is charged with keeping an eye on the daughter of a friend. But it soon becomes clear that all is not well at her place of employment, a department store in London…

Directed By: Ken Bentley


Anthony Howell (Dr Keel), Julian Wadham (John Steed), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson), Dan Starkey (One-Ten), Miranda Raison, Sarah Lark, Geff Francis, Derek Ezenagu, Maggie Service, Robert Duncan, Jacqueline Boatswain, Peter Barrett, Angus Wright, Jessica Martin, Nicholas Briggs, Philip Pope, Geofffrey Breton, Harriet Hare, Derek Hutchinson, Mark Goldthorp

The Avengers: The Lost Episodes – Volume 3 can be purchased as a CD or download at


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